... and unveil family search secrets

Are you looking for information?

                 Or ways to obtain information?

Whichever  . .  . you've come to the right place.

You see, when you discover ways, you obtain information.

Listen in and see what I mean.

No, you don’t have to be a snoop to use Family Search
Secrets –
         just a good investigator,
         a good reporter,
         a great family researcher.

You’ll see what I mean from the following excerpt
from another page of this site.

Susan squirmed in her seat. Uncle George was beginning a story. Told for the 13th time.

And there was no escape.

Mary also had heard this story. All 13 times. But Mary sat there in rapt attention.

Taking notes for crying out loud.

“Wha’cha doin'?” she whispered to Mary.

“Shhhhh,” Mary hissed. “I want to get this.”

Mary found a way to pick Uncle George’s brain. For when
she asked for family secrets he “Couldn’t recall.”

These were family secrets Susan wanted, too. They both
were interested in their common ancestry.

You can read the whole story in another page of this site.

You’ve run into the brick wall of poor memory, haven’t
you? You’ll find 3 ways to blast through that brick
on another page of online Family Search Secrets.

That’s what this site is all about–
         discovering secrets of searching
      for data from primary sources,
          building family history,
 ,         discovering family roots.

Following is the experience of a woman who was able
to blast through one of those memory blocking brick walls.

Ceal Diaz finds lost cousins:

I always suspected I had cousins back in Spain–or at least my husband did. His roots are there. Every time I asked Uncle Bert about relatives in Spain, he put me off. “I never lived there,” he would say. “What do I know about relatives in Spain?”

The Family Search Secrets site suggested some ways I might get through his armor. Talk about his father’s pottery making.

It worked like a charm. Soon he was telling about the boys who dug the clay. So he didn’t have to buy it. Who'd a-thunk?

And the way the girls painted designs on the finished pots. Little prompting–
         “And what was his name?”
         “Did her husband, what’s his name, object to her work?"

All together I discovered the names of 14 “cousins” in Spain. Unfortunately, I don’t know Spanish. I haven’t corresponded with them . . .yet.

Ceal Diaz
Sunrise FL

You’ll also look at ways to deal with the Floras
of the world:
“It ain’t who your ancestors were. It's
who you are that matters,” said Flora.

Don’t you find folks with an attitude frustrating? Still,
look at what Flora had to say about her family in her
Reminiscings [Click Reminiscings button on Navigation
bar to the left.]

And how do you answer questions like, “You’ll never
trace all your ancestors, so why search?”

You’ll find discussions of these and other questions
at this Family Search Secrets site like:

*Seven ways to get kinfolk to open up family history
they hold hostage."

*For beginners only: Trace your family tree back to Adam
and Eve." [A family Search Secrets tongue-in-cheek report.]

*Ten Tips for organizing your genealogical data.
[A Family Search Secrets most important step for
beginners and veterans alike.]

*Publish your own family history. Here’s why."

*Should you hire a professional genealogist to search
your family roots? Pros and cons."[A Family Search
Secrets insiders report.]

*Family search secrets my grandmother taught me."
[Click on Reminiscings navigation button to the left.]

*Family history or family legend?"

*Stories stir memories." [A Family Search Secrets
downloadable article lauded by gerontologists, doctors,
and family social workers.]

*Can compiling a family story book help you to
gather data?"

*Nine way to milk a cow for information. They have cash
. Why not information cows?

*The day my grandfather told a joke and unlocked a gate
to his ancestors." [Click on Grandfather's Joke
navigation button to the left.]

*Eight clever ways to unlock the past."

*The role of oral tradition in genealogical research."

*Do you need ship’s passenger lists?" [My maternal
grandmother lorded it over my father until he showed
her the ship’s passenger list record of his immigrant
ancestor’s arrival in 1752. So?]

*Digging up and showing off family skeletons."

*Burn the candle from both ends in family search."

Need more information? You can always contact us.
If we don't know the answer to your question, we'll
see if we can find it. Recognize, though, that your
questions should pertain to research methods and

We do not offer research services.

Look around. Explore this site. If you don't find what
you want, come back often.

And invite your friends.

The site is updated regularly.

Well, there you are.

An excellent example of a personal website can be found
at: Our Brick Walls

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